My platform

You can find my platform here as a PDF: Our FBEU platform

I want to grow our job- because we provide the best emergency service in NSW. We are the frontline for fires, rescue, hazmat and storm and tempest calls. Yet, NSW has two fire services, five Land Based Rescue Services, three Storm Tempest services. My vision is that our FBEU members are and should be the lead agency for all emergency incidents other than Police and Ambulance work. We need to be on the front foot promoting and expanding our job. This comes with a cost to governments. Volunteer services are free; there is no wages cost, where wages make up 80% of the multi-million dollar cost of running FRNSW. I want to grow our job to match the growth of our communities. This means more firefighters, both retained and permanent, as well as more support positions. We do this through the Fire Services Joint Standing Committee (FSJSC), by advocating for professional firefighting in the media (and getting our employer to do the same), and by protecting our existing stations from closure, which will always be on the agenda with a government obsessed with budget cuts.

I want to change the rules- wage caps, cuts and freezes are unjust and should be fought and we should be paid fairly. We shouldn’t be forced to shift resources around from a shrinking pool. The pay cap and cuts along with the abolition of the Industrial Relations Court, has left workers with little avenue to protect themselves or fight for a fair go. This forces us to rob Peter to pay Paul; one firie’s payrise means another’s pay cut. There’s currently no way to recognise new work, and to open a new fire station means we are expected to close another. They also tried, and failed, to take our workers’ compensation from us. Other workers without our collective strength saw their compensation slashed. Politicians have successfully convinced themselves that public services like ours are a drain on taxpayers rather than a necessity. Firefighters and the community don’t hold this view, so I have worked hard with members of Parliament of all political parties to ensure that FBEU members and the community are the at the forefront of politicians’ minds.

I want our union to be strong- this means running it properly, and giving members power. I’m so proud our union has begun organising and has 160 delegates in place, with more to come. We have WHS reps who negotiate with the employer, and we have members sitting on the committees and boards where decisions used to be made without them. Members deserve power and control in our union, and we should use technology well to provide good services. We’ve begun exploring electronic voting and ways to make our union more accessible and open to members.